Why us

People: Team of Logistics Personnel, well experienced in the field of Refinery & Petrochemicals processes and related Industries.

Product: Our Products, process, and strong application knowledge within the techno-commercial team makes us unique and different from existing most
active competition in market.

Standard: Effective pricing policy & strict internal norms for Quality & EHS.

Sourcing: In addition to our standard partnerships with renowned Principals,
it is an ongoing process to Source chemicals from technically qualified manufacturers - ranging from Far East, Russia, USA, Europe to Asia-pacific.

Solution: Team with experience and expertise as our core strength, stand out in providing solution to customers, EPC contractors by adding value to their
regular & crucial requirements.

We aim to reduce your working capital whilst improving operational efficiency, with our effective material management concept we can reduce the total cost of of your chemicals, catalysts, and chemical raw materials supply chain.

Why Us Internal Right Side

Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Raw materials (industrial and process).

Catalysts (monomer and polymer catalysts), Specialized Catalysts for various process.

Process and performance bulk chemicals, industrial chemicals, polymer additives, solvents & hydrocarbons, adsorbents & resins, specialty chemicals, catalysts, mining minerals, metals, precious metals recovery, basic chemicals & chemical raw materials.

Antioxidants, Antioxidant blends, HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers), UV Absorbers, Molecular Sieves, Zeolite Powders, Activated Alumina, Ceramic balls, Alumina balls, Carbon Raschig rings, Ceramic Tower packing, Aluminium Hydroxide, Specialty Talc grades, Anti-blocking aids, N-Pentane, Isopentane, Isododecane, N-Hexane, N-Heptane, Cyclohexane, Activated Carbon, Propionaldehyde, N-Propanol, Sulfolane, Amines, MDEA, AMDEA, Solvent Naphtha, Ion Exchange Resins, Water & Waste Water Treatment chemicals, MTBE catalysts & MTBE decomposition catalysts, Polymerization Resin catalysts, Specialized catalysts for various process requirements, Monomer & Polymer catalysts, Effluent Treatment chemicals & Nutrients, Anti-static agents, Slip agents, Mold Release agents, Fire retardants, Heat Transfer fluids, Silicone based chemicals, Organic Peroxides & formulations, Organic Pigments, Coating Additives, Polymer additives, Specialty polymers, Extenders, Food & Feed Additives, Synthetic Rubber & Rubber Chemicals, Specialty Lubricants, Fuel & Lube additives etc.


AL EMADI ENERGY is committed to a Quality Management System which meets the requirements of the Quality Standard. Our companies & products are certified by SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance)
We maintain lot control, material safety data sheets (MSDS) and certificates of analysis (CO A) for the chemical products we sell. Our response procedures provide additional customer support. The accuracy of our Quality Systems benefits your quality & regulatory requirements.

Our company deals with products and services that make life better for customers & people around the world. The values of our industry are accompanied by enduring commitments in the management of chemicals worldwide. We will make continuous progress towards the vision of no harm to the environment and will report our health, safety, and environmental performance. We will lead our company in an ethical way that benefits society, economy, and the environment, while adhering to the following principles:

-To provide chemicals that can be manufactured, transported, used and disposed of safely.
-To make health, safety, the environment and resource conservation considerations for new and existing products and processes.
-To work with customers, manufacturers, contractors, and carriers to encourage the safe use, transport, and disposal of chemicals.
-To operate our facilities in a manner that protects the environment, health and safety of our employees and the public.


We offer a complete material management & trading house solution that focusses on streamlining the supply chain, providing cost savings, consolidation of vendors – all with the ability to integrate client procurement systems to bring benefits to their broad business structure and provide more bang for their buck. Our expert & skillful team of specialists source material globally on best price within customer’s delivery time frame to reduce Total Cost of Ownership for customers.

At AL EMADI ENERGY we add value to our customers from diverse industries providing Supply Chain, Materials Management, Project Management services and Export Solutions. Being resourceful trading partner, we stand supportive behind our customers in the most challenging situations. We offer an effective Inventory Management process to reduce your working capital whilst improving your operational and business efficiency.